3 Great Reasons to Choose our Finest Sussex Turf

1. Turf provides instant beauty and adds value

Within a few hours, turf can transform an unsightly area of ground into a beautiful living carpet of mature grass. And, our Sussex turf looks great all year round!
Not only will you get to enjoy it now, but you are also likely to benefit if you come to sell your property in the future. Well-maintained turf gives your outside space a smart and cared-for look and, with regular low-level maintenance, it will stay looking good for years to come.

2. Turf creates a healthy atmosphere

Turf provides a soft, yet hard-wearing, surface for children to play on, for lawn games, or for relaxing and family entertaining.
Turf cools the atmosphere by reflecting 50% of the sun’s heat. It reduces glare and filters odours and noise. Most importantly, turf absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, which cleanses and freshens the environment around your home.

3. Turf is much more adaptable than grass seed

Because turf is a fully mature, cultivated product, it can be installed on slopes and inferior soils where seed would be much more difficult to establish.
Turf can also be laid over a much longer season than grass seed, whenever site soils can be tilled. In addition, turf provides quick soil stabilisation in erosion-prone areas.