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We offer a range of grass seeds for cultivating new lawns and wild-flower meadows, patching worn or poorly performing areas of grass and for cultivating grass in shaded areas.

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Pro-Master 51 – Greenscape
This general landscaping and lawn seed contains a hard-wearing mixture of tetraploid perennial rye grass, perennial rye grass and strong creeping red fescue that will establish rapidly.
Each 10kg bag grows up to 400 square metres of lawn.
Each 20kg bag grows up to 800 square metres of lawn.

Pro-Master 50 – Quality Lawn
This is a fine-appearance and hard-wearing mix of perennial rye grass, strong creeping red fescue, chewings fescue and slender creeping red fescue and gives vibrant colour.
Each 20kg bag grows up to 1,300 square metres of lawn.

Johnsons – Patch Fix
A blend of Growmore fertiliser and amenity dwarf perennial rye grass, this product is ideal for patching lawns damaged by wear.
Each 1kg carton covers up to 28 square metres (40–45 patches).

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Johnsons – Country Meadow, Johnsons – Patch Fix, Johnsons – Shady Place, Johnsons – The 1, Pro-Master 50 – Quality Lawn, Pro-Master 51 – Greenscape

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