Laying your turf

If you want to have a go at laying turf yourself, here are a few tips to help you get fantastic results from our Sussex Turf.


Preparation of the site

Remove all visible debris (rocks, stones, etc.) and rotavate to a depth of between 4” (10cm) and 6” (15cm), first up and down the site and then from side to side.

Rake thoroughly and remove any further debris and hard soil lumps (these cause air pockets and prevent simultaneous rooting).

If there is insufficient or poor quality soil, a mixture using one part peat to two parts soil should be added. At least 4” (10cm) of good quality soil is needed for optimal growth. Rake to the desired contours and mark out the shape of the lawn.

For rapid root establishment, use a general fertiliser, such as Growmore, ensuring you follow the product instructions.



When your turf is delivered, it will be in rolls. It is important to remember that turf is a perishable commodity and should be laid as soon as possible after delivery –naturally prevailing conditions will determine just how long it will keep. If in doubt, please check with us at the time your turf is delivered.

Place the turves as near as possible to the area to be turfed.

Using a scaffold board or similar as a straight edge and firm base to work from, lightly rake the soil where the turves are to be laid, drawing the rake towards you, and lay your first row of turves. When you lay your second row, start with half a turf. This will result in staggered joints and a stronger ‘structure’ for your lawn. When you get to the end of the row, there will be half a turf left over. This can be cut off and placed at the start of a later staggered row. Be sure to place the turves very close together.

See our advice article on turf aftercare.


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